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Intuitive. Anticipatory. Focused. Agile. Quick to Respond.

That’s Lynx Research Consulting.

Lynx Research Consulting is the marketing research consultancy that researchers would build if they were going to open their own firm. We are like working with a friend in the business. We know, because that’s exactly what we did. We built the firm that you would have.

Lynx Research conducts primary marketing research projects for Fortune 500 clients and companies that support them. We prioritize quality and service in our work to meet our clients’ information needs in ways that enhances confidence in their decision making and brings value to their daily work lives.

The Lynx Difference

With Lynx Research, you get a passionate team of craftsmen. We are sympathetic to your challenges, which is why we dive in deep and fast to help. Your project is our project, each with a unique objective requiring artisan-like creativity, surgical precision and indefatigable dedication. The result is a distillation of insight so powerful and simple, your business decisions become easier than ever before.


All the great planning and thinking is for naught without masterful execution

“Hand-offs” might be good for football, but not for marketing research. At Lynx Research, your dedicated marketing research expert is your one point of contact, from start to finish. That expert, with 20+ years of experience, is the one who will design your study, write your questionnaire, and interpret your results all while paying relentless attention to the details of study execution.

Being an expert requires a focus on doing what you do best. At Lynx Research, what we do best is research design, analysis, and interpretation. Our network of data collection partners are experts at what they do best. And, only the best are part of the Lynx Research network because we require and ensure the highest quality research execution.

There is almost no marketing research problem that Lynx Research experts haven’t seen or mastered. When you’ve been in business for as long as we have, you’ve pretty much seen it all. Our extensive repertoire of capabilities will give you a peek into both our project diversity and depth, and if you want to know more about our capabilities, please check here.

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Who We Are

The key reason for our structure is to allow our Account Management team the ability to best service your business. You work directly with an experienced marketing researcher through every phase of the project. We don’t "hand you off" to junior level project managers who are just cutting their teeth.

We engage in consultative discussions to truly understand the business decision at hand and how we can best use our knowledge and inherent inquisitiveness to help bring you solutions that you can use. You spend less time revising questionnaires and discussion guides, and feel confident that the details are being handled behind the scenes by experienced marketing research artists. The simplicity of it is stunning, and your ability to act on the results is empowering.

Making the complex simple-that's what we specialize in here at Lynx.

If you are a respondent and you have an issue about the study that we have asked you to complete, please contact: William Muckelroy