Michele Sirotnak

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Michele Sirotnak


Role: Account Director

With more than 25 years in market research, Michele brings a great breadth of knowledge to every project. Having experienced both supplier and client roles, her perspective covers the need to deliver quality, spot-on answers to strategic questions.

Travel and study abroad influenced her research curiosity of cultures and society, as well as her problem solving and people skills. Michele’s passion for people and research translates into the role of partner and champion for her clients, and cheerleader to her friends and family.

In her roles in small, medium and fortune 20 companies, Michele found that cookie-cutter and expensive proprietary solutions rarely answered strategic or marketing questions. She is dedicated to bringing an efficient, creative, flexible design to every research project and to follow-up with all the support her clients need to turn insights into strategy decisions.

When not on the research playground, Michele can be found at local sporting events or school events with her two sons and husband. Her community involvement and great friendships round out the desire to make others happy!


Michele's research experience began with a Marketing degree from the University of Texas, Arlington and also includes in-depth research training from the Terry College of Business and RIVA school of moderating.