Caleb Rollins

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Caleb Rollins


Role: Project Manager

Hired in September of 2017, Caleb brings an infectious optimism and can-do attitude with him to the Lynx team. Even in childhood, Caleb always seemed to know where he was headed. With an eye toward the future, he worked diligently to develop his skills and leadership style, making sure to bring a healthy dose of laughter with him every step of the way. Driven by self-improvement, Caleb comes to work with the mindset that every day provides an opportunity to be better.

A born and raised Boisean, Caleb got to work for a local grocery chain soon after his 16th birthday. He put himself through school at Boise State University, and graduated in the spring of 2014 with a BBA in marketing. Once Caleb obtained his degree, he set out to climb the ranks of the corporate marketing ladder, his eagerness as a lifelong learner evident. His quick wit and intuitive approach to collaborative problem-solving makes him a favorite amongst his teammates.

Caleb’s time in grocery-retail marketing taught him valuable lessons about customer relationship management, project management, and the importance of effective communication in a fast-paced business environment. After eleven years with his first company, Caleb’s fascination with consumer behaviors, as well as his passion for building relationships, led him to joining the team at Lynx.