Jill Eberle

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Jill Eberle


Role: Partner
Innovation, Methods & Operations Lead

Growing up on a dairy farm with two siblings and a healthy dose of friendly competition taught Jill a thing or two about hard work and team work. When not playing sports or exploring her outdoor environment, she was busy putting together jigsaw puzzles, reading books, and incessantly asking, ‘I wonder why…?’

These experiences were the perfect formula for Jill to grow into a terrific market research professional. While working on her undergraduate Marketing Degree at Bradley University in Peoria IL, she discovered the curious world of marketing research. Convinced this was the career she wanted to pursue, post-grad she received her Master of Marketing Research Degree from the University of Georgia.

In her first year out of grad school, while working at M/A/R/C Research, she received their Extra Mile Award presented annually to the employee who went above and beyond to meet the needs of clients. This was the first time the award had gone to a new employee so early in their career. Since then, Jill explored the client side of marketing research in the telecommunications industry and consultancy at a sports marketing agency.

With this well-rounded perspective, she returned to the supplier side – her true home. Nearly 15 years ago, when the company was in its infancy, Jill joined Lynx Research as the fourth employee and first Account Executive. Fueled by curiosity, a can-do attitude, and some of that competitive spirit, Jill blazed new trails in developing many of the company’s capabilities as well as fostering the company’s overall growth.

Jill thrives on making clients happy. Whether it’s responsiveness, creative solutions, high quality work, or just plain being an enjoyable person to work with, Jill always looks for ways to surprise and delight our clients.

When Jill takes a break from marketing research, you’ll find her hiking the trails and observing the wildlife around her Durango CO home, volunteering in the large dog room at the local animal shelter, avidly watching her favorite NCAA men’s basketball team, or planning her next trip back to Africa.