Jeremiah Strohmeyer

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Jeremiah Strohmeyer


Role: Account Director

Growing up in rural Oregon/Idaho most of his life, Jeremiah brings a small town feel to the big world of market research. The agility of Lynx Research is a perfect match for the creativity and problem solving facets of Jeremiah’s personality.

Jeremiah utilizes degrees in marketing and human resources combined with real world management experience to bridge market research strategy with actionable deliverables. During his time at the University of Idaho, Jeremiah studied principles of marketing research, and over the past 8 years at Lynx, has participated in all aspects of quantitative and qualitative research design, operations, and analysis.

Having been RIVA trained, as well as completing moderating training courses specifically related to online methodologies, Jeremiah has developed his own casual interviewing style. His calm, inviting persona brings people to him and allows them to comfortably open up.

Attention to detail and creativity in business has undoubtedly been fostered by Jeremiah’s love for music in his personal life. As a percussionist in numerous bands for over 15 years, Jeremiah has recorded albums in studios and toured the United States. For Jeremiah, attention to detail is key, whether it’s making sure all respondent thoughts are captured correctly or that every note is on beat.