Bruce DeGraw

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Bruce DeGraw


Role: Senior Project Manager

Growing up in the fast-paced, hustle and bustle of the outskirts of Philadelphia, Bruce always pictured himself becoming a big time advertising executive; strutting his stuff under the lights of a big city like New York. Fast forward to present day and the dreams of being an advertising executive are long gone. Bruce recognizes the value research and analytics has towards the success of any business, and has since found his true passion is behind the scenes in market research.

Having left the Philadelphia area in the late 90’s to move to a small Colorado town and eventually to Boise, ID; Bruce has grown to appreciate the unique differences and cultures that have surrounded him. He brings this appreciation to life with every client; giving each one the individual and personal attention they deserve in order to exceed their needs and expectations. With his years of experience in retail/customer service management, an advertising internship, and the numerous marketing campaigns he managed while obtaining his marketing degree through Boise State University, he brings his industry knowledge, ambition, leadership, communication and vendor management skills to an already dynamic team of project managers.

Despite his love for market research, Bruce’s true love is his wife Kim…and ice hockey…and the Boise State Broncos. When he’s not leading his team to victory on the ice rink or watching Boise State dominate on the blue turf, Bruce happily spends his days with Kim enjoying the best thing Idaho has to offer (no, not potatoes), the great outdoors. All-in-all, Bruce finds pleasure in the simple things in life and enjoys just about anything, especially in the company of friends and family.